Most of us lack the time, money, or confidence to step up and go dancing.

Today we can learn just about anything online. However, in the movement field, especially dancing, in order to practice and learn, we must physically go to a studio.

The current online dancing lesson method is ‘watch and repeat’ the biggest disadvantages with this method is the lack of feedback.


Artificial intelligence and computer vision technology exist in a variety of fields today, the challenge in the dance field is to identify and compare movement that was uploaded by the users to the “correct” movement, taking into account many variable factors such as different body types, different angles, and diverse backgrounds.

Our algorithm, the Modelyser, learns from all the different instructors that upload the same movement and creates the most accurate model, which it then compares to the student’s uploaded video and give the potential dancers, professional feedback based on the MODEL. This process allows us to identify and provide feedback to every movement in every angle, anywhere, and to every body type.

Sellers – dancing institutions, instructors, and professional dancers who are aiming to spread their knowledge and also would like to earn some money along the way.

Buyers – dancing students, from newbies to professionals, that would like to learn from the best and improve themselves all the while saving time and money.

Users, dancers, will purchase a monthly subscription, which will give them access to all of the courses for the fantastic price of 20$. While the instructors and the professionals will upload their content for free and have the opportunity to earn money from it.

Although Our app is simple to use, behind the scenes there is cutting edge technology involved.
Our algorithm is based on an immense database of dancing courses uploaded by professional instructors. Each instructor that uploads a course, also provides a detailed explanation of each step and movement. Our algorithm analyses the content and the video, and it will improve the model of that specific movement. From the student side, the student purchases the course, practice, and upload the result; then, they will get feedback according to the model created by the Modelyser.

There are several existing dance and motion online learning solutions today such as watching a video with instructional content, dancing game apps, sports movement learning apps and even YouTube.
The main disadvantage of current solutions is the lack of feedback.